Canlubang: The Commercial Complex Capital of Calamba

Most people usually mistook Canlubang to be a municipality instead iof a barangay, and I can’t blame them for doing so. It has the biggest land area and population among all the barangays in the municipality of Calamba.



To name a number of commercial complex in the area are: Canlubang Golf and Country Club, Carmel Mall, Puregold Junior Supermarket, Santa Rowe Commercial Complex and Tagle Corporation,Inc. Another establishment is trying to make a name for itself, iMall. Design made possible by NLDR Architects International Co. Norberto L. Del Rosario & Leticia Mina-Del Rosario.



When I saw the building permit nailed through a coco lumber on the vacant lot sitting in front of Don Bosco, I realized that Canlubang is really starting to revolutionize it’s way to industrialization. At the same time, I can’t help but feel bad on how that what used to be a vacant lot will be turned into a commercial area. Pardon me for feeling such, I for one opted to stay in Canlubang because crowds really scares me off.





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